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Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is more than just a place where you tell everyone you “work.” Picture this: You wake up in the morning and feel like all the education and effort you put into your career has come to an arena where your actions are rewarded. At ARROW Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, you are in control, from evaluation to discharge, with support from your colleagues. Our clinical staff has more than 40 years experience with a highly-trained and motivated support staff to help your day run smoothly. Everyone is focused on helping the patient get the best results possible. We truly strive to help others empower themselves to reach the goals that will put the “life” back into their healthy “lifestyle”.

Our main focus is one-on-one manual therapy.

At Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our main focus is one-on-one manual therapy with therapists who are eager and passionate to learn techniques that will bring great results to their patients. We utilize a wide variety of techniques from around the world that you will have the opportunity to learn in our training program.

I envisioned creating a company where each therapist would be mentored to become an expert clinician and have the necessary skills to become autonomous practitioners. Through improving the quality of life of our patients and helping support our community APT&R has earned the reputation it has today: an award winning private practice where we LOVE what we do.”
– Amit Gaglani, PT, OCS, CSCS (Owner/CEO)

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