Workers’ Compensation

Worker's Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides benefits for workers who have been injured on their job or who contract a work-related illness.

From back pain to repetitive motion disorders, at Arrow Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation we treat a wide variety of work-related injuries. When prompt and thorough, physical therapy aids in restoring function compromised by workplace injuries. Working in consultation with the referring physician, our customized treatment includes strengthening and mobility exercises with our wide array of modalities utilized to relieve pain and restore function. Patient education and behavior modification are also vital in ensuring patients understand how they were injured and how to prevent re-injury.

Each year, New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system directly touches more than 100,000 people.* We work closely with your physicians to optimize injured workers’ safe and effective recovery. Our goal is to get the injured worker back to work with confidence in their ability to perform their work-related tasks.


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