Christine Z. Carlo


BS in Heath Science, University of Sciences in Philadelphia
MPT, (Master of Physical Therapy), University of Sciences in Philadelphia
MBA, (master of Business Administration); Strayer University

Reason for being PT:

Watched the therapists help my grandmother recover from a devastating stroke when I was young. I wanted to be able to help others the same way.

Memorable moment about a patient: I worked with a little girl who was unable to walk and could not get around except to slide across the floor. We worked hard to get her arms and trunk stronger and to obtain a wheelchair for her. The day she moved from the floor into her wheelchair by herself and then propelled herself down the hall in the school to go to lunch with her friends was an amazingly gratifying day for me.

Hobbies and interests:

My children!, Bowling, Tennis, Hiking, Dancing

Question most often asked:

“Are you really going to be able to get me up by yourself??”