Dr. Elizabeth Sanatar

Dr. Elizabeth Sanatar | Vice President of Operations

Reason for getting into Physical Therapy:

My mother was sick for most of my teenage and adult life. While in college, she was educated by her doctor to attend physical therapy to help with her conditions. I went with her on her sessions and was amazed how much caring, understanding, and patience they had to help her. I graduated from college and started working towards going back to school to get my doctorate in physical therapy to start helping people like my mom right away.

Share a memorable moment about a patient:

I had a 70-year old patient who had dedicated his life to sports and running when he had an injury that left him depressed and unable to run. He was skeptical that physical therapy could help him. Slowly, I used the McKenzie approach with him and became symptom free and back to the gym and running. Months later, he came to give me a t-shirt from the race he ran in and placed 1st in his age group. He wanted to thank me for being not only helping with his treatment, but also for giving him confidence. I cried so much when he handed me the shirt and told me these words!


I like powerlifting, boxing, tarot card reading, craft beer cataloguing, camping, cross-country running, and traveling. In fact, I’m going to Iceland this year. I also enjoy spending time with my pup Freyja and ferret Arya. My husband and I also enjoy helping people in my spiritual community.